Euro Cosmetic is aware and especially sensitive and attentive to the impact that its specific activity can produce and for this reason it intends to adopt and maintain the highest operating and control standards to guarantee safety and the environment.

With a view to continuously improve environmental protection, Euro Cosmetic is committed to:

  1. encourage special awareness to all staff towards environmental and safety issues, aimed at training, information and awareness in reference to the professional activity carried out, both for personal and environmental protection in which it operates;
  2. to periodically verify the environmental performances and safety level of the processing of the site in order to guarantee the objectives in the spirit of continuous improvement;
  3. to verify, through periodic audit cycles, the achievement of goals and the identification of new improvement targets, both in terms of environment and Occupational Safety and Hygiene.

The Euro Cosmetic policy pursues the following strategic goals:

  • reduction of CO2 emissions and other harmful gases in the air;
  • energy consumption reduction;
  • reduction of waste produced;
  • Increase in the choice and use of chemicals and environmentally friendly raw materials;
  • continuous monitoring of atmospheric emissions and process water discharged in line with the Single Environmental Authorization.

From 2015 to 2020

– 30%






– 5.500 kg/year


Measures taken

  1. From 2015 the PHOTOVOLTAIC PLANT development with annual CO2 emissions of about 5.500 Kg/year avoided.
  2. The reduction of waste production, increasing differentiated waste collection.
    For the packaging (including municipal packaging waste subject to differentiated waste collection) from 2017 to 2019 a 30% reduction is recorded.
  3. Reducing energy consumption thanks to the use of low environmental impact systems: the automatic washing system installed has significantly reduced water consumption. From 2017 to 2019 a 27% reduction in washing water consumption is observed.
  4. Definition and updating of the emergency procedures for the environmental impact reduction due to accidental situations.
  5. Awareness program for all the Staff: reduction in paper-based mail, in favour of using internal email; using recycled paper instead of traditional paper for office prints; using natural light during daylight hours and a consequent reduction of the artificial one.
  6. Underway: replacement of lighting fixtures with new-generation LED fixtures with a reduction in energy consumption of up to 75%.


Euro Cosmetic has long been committed in supporting territorial realities, considering them essential elements for the business development. Each sponsored activity was chosen based on ethical and social values, paying particular attention to the weakest or most vulnerable groups.

In December 2018, Euro Cosmetic was awarded the title Ambassador of the territory for economic development and enhancement of the territory of the Lombardy region at the Senate of the Republic.

Over the years, many activities have been undertaken to support the values in which it believes.

Always a strong advocate of youth training, the company has provided several Scholarships over time, in collaboration with the Intercultura association, to guarantee the possibility of having a study experience abroad for the children of its employees and/or to young Trenzanese and/or neighbouring organizations.

The management’s strong belief in supporting young people’s talent and sport has led Euro Cosmetic for years, as main sponsor, to take the field with the Champions of Brescia Calcio Femminile (Brescia Women Football team). Quality and commitment are the elements that unite the two realities.

Euro Cosmetic is in support of the socially vulnerable groups, for this reason it has chosen to allocate the Customers Christmas gift 2018 to the “La Zebra Onlus” association committed in the creation of the new “Paediatric Magnetic Resonance” department at the Children’s Hospital of Brescia.

Furthermore, considering the strong female component employed in the company, it has chosen to support initiatives in supporting women. On Women’s Day, Euro Cosmetic supported the foundation Doppia Difesa Onlus (Double Defence Onlus), for the consultancy and assistance activities that the Foundation carries out for women victims of violence.

Every year RACE FORE THE CURE is supported, a running race with charitable purposes, organised by the SUSAN G. KOMEN Italia. Association. The association deals with breast cancer prevention by stimulating training, research and innovation in the female health field.