EVENT: WE PRODUCE QUALITY AND SOLIDARITY Euro Cosmetic, signs a quality and solidarity project for #aiutiAMObrescia, a collection of aid promoted by the Fondazione della Comunità Bresciana and Giornale di Brescia

Euro Cosmetic is committed to supporting the Coronavirus emergency to bring millions of hand sanitizing detergents onto the market in the shortest possible time, and to support the community with Social Responsibility activities.

One of these is the conception, formulation and production of the SKIN CLEANSER BOX which will be donated to the Fondazione della Comunità Bresciana Onlus – for the # aiutiAMObrescia project – which in turn will assign it to volunteers engaged in medical transport.

Some members of the #aiutiAMObrescia Committee were guests at the Euro Cosmetic headquarters in Trenzano (BS):

Alberta Marniga President of the Brescia Community Foundation

Giacomo Ferrari Secretary General Foundation of the Brescia Community

Ing. Enrico Zampedri Coordinator of the Aiutiamobrescia committee

Avv. Pierpaolo Camadini President of Editoriale Bresciana

Dr. Giancarlo Turati member of the Confindustria national emergency management task force

Thousands of pieces of products for personal detergents with sanitizing elements manufactured with destiny of use for the health personnel who have been facing Covid-19 for months.

Two Euro Cosmetic commercial partners have actively participated in this project:

San Faustino Label of Castrezzato (BS) who donated the product labels and

Alpha Pac Srl of Gussago (BS) which has dealt with the development and manufacture of paper packaging.