Italian media Press: Giornale di Brescia, economy dossier

Euro Cosmetic aims at a precise drivers of growth and has devoted particular attention and considerable investments in the areas of Research and Development, plants and advanced equipment and Certifications, both product and plant, with the specific purpose of working on quality and new trends to offer to its customers. In addition to the already known UNI EN ISO 22716 and 9001, from this year we are also IFS HCP certified which leads us to raise the level of quality assurance. “Defining a company that produces cosmetics for third parties would be an understatement. In reality, our role is that of a commercial partner, as for the development and industrialization of formulas, we have a dual approach to customers: some of them already have the formulas and rely on our laboratory to test them on the machine for the phase of industrialization and, if they are to be refined, they make use of our intervention. For projects that are structured together with customers, both in terms of concept, marketing and packaging, we have a mix of skills: scientific and market orientation” CEO Daniela Maffoni